About how much do braces cost?

i am about to bring braces i just want regular ones around how much do they cost?


My metal braces be $2,000. Now they have this point called Invisaline that does alike thing surrounded by half the time and costs plentifully less.

My ex-boyfriend's teeth be even more crooked than mine and he had a full-size gap, but he get Invisaline and it cost him about $500.

I wore braces for around two and a half years and have to deal near painful monthly tightening. He wore Invisaline for nine months and when the agony from a tighter tray got too tight, he have the option to transport it out for awhile.

You do the math.
Well mine costed around 1,000 dollers..
it depends on how bad your teeth are.. mine costed 4gs yeah thats alot
Anywhere from 1k to 3k. Depends on what you procure. The regular metal ones are the cheapest and most durable. The ceramic ones are more expensive and tend to break. Although I have them for 3 yrs and only broke 2 brackets. Insurance covers some of it but not everything.
mine costs in the order of 1,500$$$
My Braces cost Around $2000 But I Had Really Fancy Multicoloured Braces, If I Didnt Have The Coloured Brace Gems, The Brace Would Have Cost Around $950.
mine were nearly as much as "a new car" (that's what my parents told me)
i have extremely crooked teeth and a bad overbite.
so the costs can swing...
mine are about $4,500 total.

the down allowance was $900 and $250 a month.
depends on insurance but around 1,000$ but it is more probable over that

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