Braces Help?

I am getting braces on the 9th. Can you please give me any counsel about getting them on, taking support of them, or any advice you can pass me? I am desperate as I have hear many good/bad things in the order of braces and I want advice from ancestors who have/had/getting braces or orthodontists, ANYONE THAT KNOWS ABOUT BRACES!! Please?

spacers are wat they usely put a week before u put onthe braces. they r used to provide room for the band, which hold the wires, which hold the braces

***pink and light blue are cute colors

***NEVER bring white or clear bands motive white looks like food is stuck contained by ur braces and clear like it u munch through ketchup or a lollipop or somethin, they stain

***they put the bands, and afterwards every time u go backbone u get to choose exotic colors

i have gotton em on over 6 times (dont ask!)

it doesnt hurt dont worry-it is in recent times a long process and it tastes kinda bleak

they give u a nouns on ur molars fiist, to see ur size and stuff

first theu put this positioner thing is ur mouth, it make your mouth stretch a lkot so they can see ur teeth, it will bother u for a minute or 2 but u will get used to it, u preserve that thing on the WHOLE time

later there are these things that look similar to shots and stuff, i got really freaked out when i first saw them but in actuality, they dont go within ur mouth! this is the cement that they put on ur braces then they stick the braces on ur teeth
**the cement kinda taste bad!

they do this the first time and every time u draw from them tightened:

they will put the rubber bands on ur braces beside things that look like sisscors (they dont hurt) after that they put the wire-this is the most anoying portion cause after they slip it contained by ur mouth, they have to cut it to spawn it fit right

then to be exact it!Ur done
but after u do it, ask ur doctor for dental wax, and rubber cover up

when u get home use ACT mouthwash and for the first hour, ur teeth may be rather numb so drink mainly fluids-clear fluids

afterwards for the first day or 2 ur teeth may be somewhat sensitive so stick with consumption soup, pasta, pudding, jello, beans, yogurt, custard, fries, milkshakes, ice cream, and soft foods-avoid straws

every hours of darkness use Peroxyl mouthwash for like a week to save ur gums storng from cuts and use dental wax and rubber coverups so u wont get blisters, they hurt a short time but arent that bad. avoid sleeping on ur side, try to save ur head straight up for a couple of days

every morning and every darkness use the Peroxyl mouthwash again for 2 weeks then after that lately use ACT mouthwash to keep ur teeth and gum s athletic. get some Super floss, made for braces-i sugest elictrical toothbrushes they keep hold of ur mouth cleaner

dont worry-trust me- i have have my braces on for almost 4 years, i just get em off 4 days ago-i luv my current smile!

ALWAYS BRUSH YOUR TEETH AFTER EVERY MEAL SO YOU DON'T GET STAINS!! also, floss and use listerine. and you will be good to run.
At first it hurts as HELL bro.but a couple months you'll get used to it
i enjoy braces make sure you brush your teeth honest and floss it really sucks when food gets stuck. and yes wax does give support to i don't know how many times my jaws go cut i am a firm believer on wax
Ok, i am 14 and i enjoy braces. I have have them for almost a year. And let me relay you something, they suck. BUT you do get used to them . when i first get mine on , i hurt really bad. but i get top braces, bottom braces, some retainer thing, and spacers adjectives at the same time. I thought i might die. Some guidance i can give you, is to get through soft foods. then you can start intake harder and harder foods. that does help. and when you are getting your braces tightened, (that hurts) a moment ago remember, when i get my braces past its sell-by date, it will all be worth it. hope i help! :)
speaking from experience... once you hv them on they DO start to hurt, but the pain go away eventually.

take some stomach-ache relivers if it bugs you that much. try not to eat anything easier said than done when you first have them.

BRUSH AND FLOSS TWICE A DAY. bring along some floss or something near you, because food gets caught within braces and you dont want to walk around beside food stuck in your teeth.

every few months (It depends) you'll hold to go to your orthodontist to hv your braces used to.

you may or may not need elastics... (they simply hook onto your braces)

you get to pick the colors for your braces! (rainbow is unjust, they may even hv glow within the dark)

All for the best...


Bracefaces unite!
Don't freak out braces are easy- sometimes. There are purely a few basic things you entail to know
Brush your teeth often
Use the orthodontic wax they contribute you
Take pain slaughterer if the pain is bleak the first few days

If you have a appropriate orthodontist he will explain everything you need to know. The knob is to obey adjectives of his orders, otherwise it will run longer for your mouth to be the way it should. SMILE! Just because you hold braces does NOT mean that you shouldn't smile. Call your orthodontist if you own any problems. When you get your braces on it doesn't hurt, it is newly a little self-conscious. Don't worry, it's going to be fine!
build sure you take really suitable care, brush after every feast and floss at least once a afternoon.

if you are a heavy pop drinker, switch to diets and try to cut rear. stay away from sugary drinks like juice that arent 100% juice and gatorade. those drinks set off acids on your teeth which causes those shocking white spots.

try to avoid sticky candies, like caramel and starbursts because they will rip brackets and band off. i'm not axiom you cant eat them, a moment ago not everyday.

make sure you dont miss your appointments, try to move about every 4-6 weeks otherwise it will take longer for treatment.

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