Braces colors?

i'm an 18yr old guy and going to start college soon.and im also gonna hold braces on by the end of this month..i freshly want some suggestions to what would be a good color for me? i thought around the clear brackets, but i looked on here and some people said they could bring back discolored so i was kinda have second thoughts on clear. i dont want anything that looks too much for like junior high-ranking kids like rainbow or anything. any suggestions? also, can you seize the color changed once they're on?

You get your colors or rubber band changed everytime you visit the ortho, usually every 4-6 weeks but you can own the same colors if you want. Check out these websites to pick out your colors, not adjectives of the colors on the website are available at your ortho though.
well blue is nice
Burgundy and gold ingots it's all in the order of usc baby! Go trojans. Or red for the ANGELS!!
i as ably advise against the clear brackets, they do go and get discolored and if anything they stand out more because its obvious youre trying to screen the fact that you enjoy braces! lol but on the other hand i get white rubber bands, self never do anything dark. you carry the rubber bands (colors) changed every time you shift in for a checkup, whether it be every month or whatnot. you dont enjoy to change the colors apparently if you dont want to, but you have to acquire new band.
yes you can get the colors changed every time you move about there which is usually 1 a month and for the colors that is to say up to you.
yup, you can change them any color you want. i have purple, blue, pink, gray, black, etc...and i had them surrounded by college too. Personally i like black on guys. I don't deem braces are horrible, and in any valise, you know they're there, everyone can see they're here, so might as well show them rotten...
You can always amend the color of the bands once they're on. No situation what, it seems resembling there's always something stuck within braces. If your super worried about it, look within to getting the ones that go trailing your teeth.
I had braces contained by college and I always wore silver because it blended and primarily goes near anything. You can change the colors everytime that u budge to the dentist for a check up because they take them adjectives off to verbs your teeth anyway.
You could get the colors of your college. :) Yeah, clear and white are colors to stay away from.

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