Braces question"U?

hi what r the procedures in placing braces im simply curious... plz answer me^^

They do a mold of your teeth, you get a metal hook entity glued onto respectively one of your teeth, then they put a line through all the hooks and put tight little rubber fastening things over each one of the metal things. The first time you're within, it takes conceivably 2 hours and you have to hang on to your mouth open forever. Then every other time it take maybe 15 minutes. Hurts similar to hell for a couple days after every visit. However, it's damn worth it within the end. I even enjoy having braces, getting to choose my colors and adjectives.
These days there are different types of braces which vehicle different kinds of procedures. (I assume you expected braces for your teeth?) You can call dental office & I'm sure they would answer that question at no cost to you.
Well depending on what humane of braces you get.. some populace get spacers.. Im not too sure something like those except i have hear they are uncomfortable.. they lately PREPARE the teeth for getting braces.
For my kind of braces , i didn't return with spacers.. it was going on for a 45 minute process. They held my mouth open near this plastic thing and glue every bracket on top and bottom and put the wire through respectively.. I have Damon braces so they work a bit different from regular ones..
It doesnt hurt when they put them on.. only just like latter on the day you discern pressure.. I remember thinking.. "how am i ever gonna eat near these" Well give it around 2 or 3 days and you'll start to even forget they are in here! Goodluck
my upper teeth protrudes out a little cause by pacifiers when i was younger. i lately got my braces done bout a year ago. my dentist have to extract one tooth from each side of my upper row contained by order to form a space for the rest of the teeth to be tightened together..

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