Bleeding gums??

about 1 week ago, my mouth have a bloody taste surrounded by the afternoon for no reason but i thought zilch of it. then the year after that, i saw brown things between my teeth but i thought it was lately dirt or something. a few days later, more gap between my teeth is the same. i enjoy tried to wash it away. but after that it comes final again and i realise its blood. but i did not do any thing to trigger that. the blood is golden-brown and sticky.

what should i do?
or anything not involving a dentist?

what could it be?

Sounds like u get a serious problem. Do your breathe have an fruitless odor it maybe gingivittes. You should consult your dentist or hygenist soon.
You'll necessitate to see a dentist. That is the most efficient method to solve the problem. A dentist is the only one that can propler;y diagnose it and grant you directions on how to treat it. It sounds pretty serious.
I know you are not comfortable with the notion of going to the dentist but this needs to be evaluated by them. In the expect time you can try using some tea bags to aid this bleeding til you can get contained by to see them.
that is one serious problem that should be taken an appropriate whereabouts. going to the dentist will help profusely. you may be experiencing gum disease. i suggest you go for an adjectives natural product that will backing prevent effectively gingivitis and swollen gums. the best remedy that i have found out and which my home and i have be using for more than a month now is lately found in this greatly useful site it have the best essential oil ingredients that kill bacteria surrounded by the mouth leaving it cleaner, fresher and nourishing. why not try Mother Natures alliance in treating gum disease.
a dentist will oblige you a lot solve your dental problem for it may be an advanced stage of gum disease. also try to consider adjectives natural gum trouble products. also have a obedient oral hygiene, regular dental check up and keep the mouth hydrated.

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