Why do I chew adjectives the time?

Okay, so I chew on pen caps when I'm thinking what to write, I chew on starws when I'm drinking my soda, I chew on my headphone lead when listen to my CD player, and I LOVE gum! Why? Oh, by the agency...my Daddy smokes if that hasanything to do with it.

when you be a kid and feeling stressed, you probably newly happened to chew on something and found that the chewing calmed you down.

it's call "self soothing" according to my therapist. i constantly pick at my cuticles, whether i'm apprehensive, relaxing, angry, sad, doesn`t matter what. i don't even realize i'm doing it.
Sounds like a shy habit or behavioral issue a shrink could address.
*naughty thought*
try chewing tabacco

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