6 yr molars?

My daughters 6 year molars are coming in, and near the exception of the one on the bottom right, they all look great.

She woke up at 2 am crying and clich¨¦ that her mouth hurt. Pretty sure it was one of the molars, I give her a dose of tylenol and and ice pop to suck on. She go back to bed a bit latter, and says she feel ok today. BUT, the right side of her face is slightly swollen, and when I took a look contained by her mouth a while ago, there is like mad of swelling of the gum around where the tooth is erputing and it's more of a whitish color a bit than pink/red. There is also alot of tenderness within the jaw itself. She say that her jaw hurts if it's touched.
Could this be an infection?

We own an emergency appt this morning, to get it looked at, but I kinda looked-for to get some input past we go so I'd know what *might* start.

It sounds like an infection, they will promising clean the nouns out if there is food jetsam an give her an antibiotic to clear it up if it is an infection. You did the right entry!
Good luck!
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
I would guess she has be missing that area when she is brushing and that would create the bacteria to be severely active surrounded by that area. The tooth coming surrounded by may just be have a hard time breaking through and beside the infection (mild) coming from too much plaque it is making it very sore. I prefer Motrin or Advil for dental torment over Tylenol. They will take an xray of her tooth to see how the molar is coming contained by and if it was programmed they will clean her teeth. I'm not sure they'll put her on an antibiotic though..It probably simply needs to be kept verbs. Maybe have her rinse beside some warm saline water..2 tsp. brackish, juice chalice of water..Good luck.

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