6 year molar?

My daughters 6 year molars are coming in, and near the exception of the one on the bottom right, they all look great.

She woke up at 2 am crying and clich¨¦ that her mouth hurt. Pretty sure it was one of the molars, I give her a dose of tylenol and and ice pop to suck on. She go back to bed a bit latter, and says she feel ok today. BUT, the right side of her face is slightly swollen, and when I took a look within her mouth a while ago, there is profoundly of swelling of the gum around where the tooth is erputing and it's more of a whitish color a bit than pink/red.
Could this be an infection? Should I try to bump up her routine appt that is planned for next month or try to lift her to urgent care??

Next month.? I'd try and enjoy her seen before.

Infection, could be an issue if its whitish and she is swollen in the nouns. Most likely where on earth the tooth is erupting, the tissue has gotten food under/around it...its not getting properly cleaned..and the bacterias own now cause infection. I'd have her see earlier, if for any other source to have your daughter relieved from the backache and to have it cleaned out properly by the hygienist. They own instruments to get underneath the tissue where you/she cant. She'll get the impression loads better. I assure you!
Call her dentist and ask them to see her. She shouldn't have to suffer for another month.
I remember those molars! My daughter get two through, and the other two didn't come until almost a year later. I have success beside two products; Children's Advil (which lasts longer than tylenol and it have ibuprofen in it which is better for relieving swelling) and Anbesol, which numbs the skin on the eruption. You can try to bump up your appointment, but these molars are big and far-reaching, it does take a bit of pressure to return with them through. Good luck!

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