After adjectives dental treatments?

I had adjectives dental treatments needed finished two weaks ago - inclusive fillings, abscess and cleaning of my teeth. Since after, i have sensitivity whether im eating/drinking cold stuff or eating/drinking hot stuff. What is this? Undoubtedly, it is because of the dental treatments especially cleaning teeth followed directly by filling and the like. What can i do? I surface this throbbing pain after i munch through for 10 minutes. Then, it vanishes. It doesnt bother me alot, but i mind it.

I've have the same problem and it would dance away. I usually used a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Some times sinus problem can make your upper teeth hurt.
walk to your dentist it might be something they did, for now obtain some anbesol or some tooth paste for sensitive teeth, sensodyne.
Give it some time. Right presently, everything is pretty raw and still restorative. In the meantime, try using a sensitivity toothpaste for the next few weeks.
Sometimes if you have amalgam fillings (silver fillilngs) and they put surrounded by resin (white color filling) the teeth will be sens to hot and cold Sensodyne tooth paste will relief but if it continues to hurt that means the cavity be large and may inevitability a rootcanal. Make sure you go stern to the dentist that treated you because somtimes they can fix it for free since you already paid unless the teeth have need of a new treatment.

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