Are in attendance any other foods beside milk that can produce your teeth whiter?

Okay I must say that I have to laugh at the answer that i name strawberries as a tooth whitener. Milk does not whiten your teeth either.

The better approach would be to avoid food and beverages that do stain your teeth. Examples would be tea, coffee, red wine. Tobacco also stains teeth.

Baking soda as a toothpaste chemical addition has shown whitening nouns. Most products marketed to whiten your teeth are a gimmick. Mouthrinses and paste and gum with whiteners would literally give somebody a lift months to years to show results.

The best way to say your desired shade is to brush and floss 2-3 times daily--especially at bedtime. 6-12 month cleanings with your dental hygienist is a must. If you want whiter teeth, consult your dentist for the best picking that suits your specific case. Remember that lone your natural enamel will respond to bleaching. If you own fillings/crowns/veneers, the bleach will not have any effect on the shade.
I didn't even know milk did that!

Does 'whitening toothpaste' count as food? *haha*
no nought i'm afraid.
lots of toothpastes hold whiteners added. brushing and flossing will help more than anything. milk make your teeth and bones healthy, but not white.
capably my friend use baking soda tooth paste..

Strawberries or hydrogen peroxide can be used for whitening teeth. Brush your teeth each day atleast 2 times a day. Drinks lot of milk. Thats the pure way to grasp your teeth nice and white. If you want more details please check on our website:
There are not foods or drinks (not even milk) that will make your teeth whiter.
I suggest if you want whiter teeth you any:

brush with a baking soda and peroxide toothpaste and rinse 2 x a week beside peroxide (like you would a mouthwash) or

that you have your dentist professionally whiten your teeth or

try the crest whitening strips.

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