Braces press please oblige!!?

my teeth is really straight but i know i still have an overbite...and its be 4 years now since ive have braces..i was wondering whether to ask my ortho to apply a herbst appliance to my teeth...a herbst appliance corrects an overbite..anyone know if its too belated or no? i dont mind getting it since i want my overbite to be gone

It's never too late, I am 30 and simply got braces within January.
If it bothers you then you should patently get it fixed. Everyone told me that my teeth weren't that unpromising, but they bothered me so I got braces.
Good luck!
No, you can still achieve it fixed, your teeth never lock into one place permanently. Plenty of adults hold braces, including Randy Moss and Terrell Davis of the NFL, well into their 30's.
I have the herbst appliance put on. My jaw get stuck only once. :)

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