Braces rotten?

So I'm getting my braces off surrounded by a few weeks and I just needed to ask anyone who's ever had braces how the process is done and nearly how long it might take. Also will anything hurt?. Just curious what to expect.

It will turn into the best time ever. Your mouth will feel awesome!!
Shouldn't hurt..but I will caution you...You MAY have some stains on your teeth within spots that were not reach well during brushing. Worry not, you can soon own them cleaned up and your smile will be so pretty! Good luck!
It depends on how sensitive your teeth are. The only aim mine hurted was because my bottom teeth are impressively sensitive.My appointment took about a hour. First they pop rotten the brackets, then they grate off the cement. After that process you rinse out your mouth and they put this polish stuff on your teeth and then they fit you for your retainers. Then they lift pictures and you're done
It will take long, seeing as they own to take the metal stale, and then the cement. Just close to when you got the braces on you will appetite the cement. Congratuations!! It will feel chance to brush your teeth. Make sure to always wear your retainer when ever the doctor say so. I had to wear mine adjectives day long for 1 week very soon I just wear it at hours of darkness. :) I don't think anything will hurt at adjectives. Your teeth will feel unexpected though without metal on them anymore.
it feel a little grotesque and youll have to return with a retainer but it doesn't hurt the only time when it hurts is if you enjoy sensitive teeth when they use the little thing to catch the glue past its sell-by date it makes your teeth realllyyyy cold but excluding that you should be okayy

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