Anything you can drink to relieve your teeth move faster?

I have braces and I wondered if I could chomp through anything, like calcium or vitamins to assist my teeth move faster?

there's nothing you can do. the cause you teeth can move is because of the pressure with the archwires make the bone around the teeth to soften up so the teeth can shift. Don't chew gum! it can catch suck up under your final metal bands and start to decomposition your teeth. since it's up underneath your bands you won't know how to see it until your braces come off and by later it's too late.
within is absolutely nil you can eat.
nope i dont feel so.braces arent that wil grasp used to them.
faster what do you mean oh and do't drink soad next to braces or gum
Ever try those battery operate ones!?
Chewing gum. I had braces as an full-grown and my orthodontist tells the adults it is ok to chew gum as it will abet move the teeth. But he tells the kids and teenagers to stay away from gum because they own a tendency to chew huge wad of sugary gum that stick and get caught contained by the braces. So, if you can chew gum responsibly then travel ahead and chew a stick of sugarless gum.

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