Are mouth infections,serious or can they be homicidal?

i wen't to dentist,to get lower gum's cut down to hold my denture's fit good.i wen't put money on to dentist he had oral surgeon come contained by,they said for some reason i be full of infection&swollen&my infection had moved to my tongue&had be so painfull,i haven't been competent to wear my teeth on the bottom,yet!!

Yes, infections of the mouth are serious, and sometimes they can be mortal. An abscess or an infection is pus. Pus growing in your gums or within your jaw bones and later escaping out into your body is not exactly healthy. It is loaded beside bacteria and your own bodies white blood cell. So yes, the bacteria getting into your body can own serious consequences. The worst is when the infection spreads to your brain. This is called Ludwig's Angina. People die every year from infections that originate in the mouth.
capably yes mouth infections can proove fatal ,infection can be contained by any form like abscess , space infections --there are varied spaces involved in oral cavity approaching massetric,parotid,submandibula... etc and the most commom infection of these glands leads to a condition call ludwigs angina which has head to death within many cases and its an emergency and in attendance are various glands within oral cavity like salivary glands similar to parotid ,summandibular , sublingual and various minor glands which can catch infected and the infections can reach to mediastinium and lead to a condition called mediastinitis which can proove to be serious, the infection may even spread to brain and can head to infection of meninges called meningitis and most commonly thrombosis contained by sinus - cavernous sinus thrombosis.

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