Braces sound out?

i have 2 years and 10 months metal braces and i a moment ago broke off a bracket going to win it fixed tommorow and i havent got braces on my second molars do you win braces on second molars please answer

I had brackets on the extreme back ones for a while, but most broke stale ( I ate entirely too much hard candy, not recommended). The ones that broke rotten on the top, they left stale because they weren't necessary. The one on the bottom be replaced with one of the feeble fashioned brackets that have the metal company that goes the undamaged way around the tooth. In my bag however, my top teeth weren't too bad, but my bottom teeth be wretchedly crooked. It probably goes covering by case. If you're teeth aren't too fruitless they'll probably leave them sour since they are pretty prone to popping off and usually correct it short the extra brackets.
Typically braces dont go that far stern. Mine didn't at least. As long as they're not crooked or want to be moved, they shouldn't.
When I had braces, they started on my incredibly back teeth on both the top and the bottom, I'm pretty sure. They be the kind that surrounded the total tooth and it seemed that they be used as the place where adjectives of the tightening took place. I even had to wear headgear when I slept to correct an overbite problem and it attached agency back I would suppose that this is not so unusual.
Nope I never had next that far back.
i didnt get hold of braces on my second molars
i just get this full tooth 1 on my first molars

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