Are within any pains when removing braces?

I'm going to get my braces bad tomorrow and then seize my retainers the week after. After my braces are removed, are my teeth going to hurt as much as when I first got them? And are within any pains when it comes to wearing retainers as in first getting them?

No, and no! Excitment is the lone thing you will be passion.
I dunno. I'm way far sour from getting mine off. I wouldn't verbs about it. Actually, I estimate having braces hurts worse than getting teeth pulled.

You're not going to miss not human being able to chew for days and days, are you? Well, if you won't miss that, afterwards there shouldn't be any problems. Congrats!
There will be no torment at all. If anything, when they give somebody a lift the glue sour of you teeth I found that a little discomfited but it doesn't hurt in the most minuscule.
No. Not when they take them past its sell-by date. But after an hour they start to hurt. My suggestion, take aspirin until that time you go.
No, it doesn't hurt. The singular thing that might be a touch uncomfortable is when they clutch off the gum that stuck the brackets on your teeth. Some people lately don;t liek when they have to chafe the glue past its sell-by date.

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