Actually,saliva comes out from my mouth whenever i verbs my tongue?

what is due to?can it be tue truama on the ducts or due to swelling or anything else and how can it be cured?please help.

It is ordinary, sometimes I have patients that will truly squirt themselves in the facade when I am cleaning their teeth. Don't be worried about it, it isn't feasible due to trauma and is a benefit. Many people suffer from removal of saliva, also known as "dry mouth" which is self-conscious and increases the likelyhood for cavities. So be glad!
Hope that help -
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
saliva always comes out of your mouth!
I reckon it's because you're pulling your tongue...I just tried it on myself [pulled my own tongue] and saliva come out from my mouth. so I won't do that again. I think I in recent times saved myself from a call on to the dentist.
that was a great experiment...appreciation...I learned something unusual today.
love and hugs,
it is due to the saliva glands being stretched. Don't do it again, you are cause permanent injure.
The easy solution is: STOP PULLING YOUR TONGUE!
Actually this is not unusual. For most ethnic group, pulling the tongue is not required. Many times when you open your mouth duly wide, the saliva glands can spurt. It is for a moment weird, but it is without fault normal and does not indicate any malfunction. Of course if you are drooling uncontrollably, try swallowing previously opening your mouth and pulling on your tongue. Why the heck are you pulling on your tongue anyway?? There are other body parts that you can verbs on without any crushing results (of course there is that one sector that you may want to leave alone!) Earlobes and fingers are commonly safe.

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