Anyone know of an endodontist next to hospital privilages within TN or the mid-south?

My father is allergic to the "caine" family of anethsetics. He is contained by desperate need of a root strait, but, cannot have one b/c of his allergies. We've be told that an endodontist is the only one that could accomplish this under his circumstances. But, would own to have hospital privilages, so that he can be "put to sleep" to own this done.

Serious responses only please!

Thanks within advance for your aid! And God Bless!

I'm a dentist.

First off, your father wants to find out from an allergist/immunologist (i.e. a physician) whether or not he is truly allergic to all the 'caine anesthetics. True allergy to lidocaine is exceedingly bloody.

As far as his treatment requiring an endodontist, that is unqualified horsesh|t. There is nothing, NOTHING that an endodontist does that frequent general dentists don't do themselves. The dentist who told you that he wants to see an endodontist is probably not comfortable doing his own root canals, so he told you that slouch.

Furthermore (getting on my soapbox here), I think endodontists epitomize everything explicitly wrong with the dental profession--overspecialization for the purpose of making more money. They are a bunch of goddamned thieve, charging as much as 50% more for root canals simply because they are "specialists". The lone reason they exist is because 1. they can label a sh|tload of money, and 2. because there are adequate general dentists who are too apathetic to get comfortable handling difficult root conduit cases and feel that they'd craft more money doing six or seven fillings within the time it'd take them to complete a difficult root strait.

Remember: endodontists exist for the money. As such, they are not going to be interested in acquire hospital privileges so that they can handle these kind of unusual cases.

The reality is that you'll enjoy more luck finding a unicorn than an endodontist willing to minister to your father.

My suggestion to your father is this: find out whether or not he's truly allergic to lidocaine, and find another general dentist.

Additionally, within are many broad dentists who have hospital privileges (although they are indeed uncommon). There are also a few oral surgeons who might be liable to perform a root conduit.

Lastly, sometimes general dentists will work next to oral surgeons on patients who have to be put beneath general anesthesia. Some oral surgeons enjoy the facilities to achieve general anesthesia (e.g. next to an anesthesia machine). They'd simply have the broad dentist perform the work while they oversee the anesthesia.

By the way, the jackass above me who stated that endodontists use intravenous sedation doesn't know what the hell he's conversation about. Of adjectives the dental professionals, endodontists have the narrowest latitude of knowledge and skills.
phone call your local hospital and ask them. they might have one nearby or can tell you what hospital to draw from in touch beside.
Many Endodontists can use Nitrous or intravenous sedation and it can be done in their organization safely and competently . There is no valid reason to devise of a hospital based treatment for your father allergic problem. Also believe it or not ,but since the nerve of the tooth within question is invariably late,very little anesthetic requirement be used to treat it and an alternative local anesthetic may be appropriate . What you need to do is start contacting Endodontic office ,explaining your problem, or go thru your common dentist and have him put together a referal .

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