Are my retainers broken (pic/details inside) and what should I do?

Here is the picture, I'm pretty sure that crack means it's BROKEN.

Okay so I get my retainers yesterday and I wore them to sleep, I vaguely remember taking the bottom retainer stale in the middle of the dark because my teeth hurt too much and then I slept on it. So any my retainers broke because I slept on it, or because my teeth grinded so hard that it snapped or something, since I grind contained by my sleep. The top retainer is fine though.

So what should I do? It's only the first darkness and I would hate to settle for a new one already! How much does it cost to replace one anyway?? Please comfort, thanks.

Answers:    progress to your orthodontist. if you have retainers, i assume that you have braces already and have rewarded the orthodontist off for everything. I know near mine, any complications or problems I have the doctor should cart care of no charge.
I come up with that crack does mean it's broken!

Depending on where on earth you are in the world will affect the cost of replacement.

If it be me this had happen to, I'd go put money on to my dentist/orthodontist and deny any responsibility.
Don't tell them you forget to purloin them out last dark or that you may have slept on them.
Tell them you followed their instructions completely.
Tell them they broke up to that time you went to bed and that you would enjoy tried calling them but they were closed.

The story I'd distribute them is...

I took them out because I wanted to verbs them. When I put them back contained by, the top went within fine, but the bottom snapped! I've no idea why. I wasn't rough next to them, I followed the instructions you gave me. The bottom retainer must hold been malfunctioning."

Believe me when I say braces can be inexact.
I had a top "train-track" in the order of 15 years ago. The first day the cement that holds the clip on the teeth broke past its sell-by date on a few teeth. The wire be often flaccid out of my mouth due to problems with the chief clips on the back teeth.
When I get the 2nd stage of my treatment, the retainer you have, that broke twice and the third stage be a transparent retainer that the dentist/orthodontist made on-site. They made four retainers to get one that fitted my teeth despite the certainty that they had a moment ago made a mould of my teeth.

I also grind my teeth. I paid for a gum shield two years ago. The first didn't fit. It be so tight my teeth ached and begin throbbing. The second one made (which I refused to payment for on the grounds that the first one was faulty) be more tight than the first!

So, remember that they do make mistakes.
Be confident when you bring up to date them your story and you'll be fine.


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