A slice of lime contained by hose is bleak for the teeth?

I drink nothing but marine and a friend of mine said thaat a liice of lime made it all the better, I am not sure though if I have a slice every time if it would damage my teeth?

If you help yourself to care of your teeth otherwise (brush/floss regularly, achieve checkups) and if you don't consume a lot of lime liquid (probably more than you'd be able to consume within a day), it should be just fine. Check beside your dentist for sure though.
I am sorry, but why would a slice of lime damage your teeth? Are you thinking almost the acid surrounded by citrus fruit? Since it would be in hose, I doubt it would do anything.

For that matter, I hold either lemon, lime or red in my sea all the time and my teeth are fine...
the bitter in lime damages the enamel on your teeth after a while

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