does drinking soda affect your braces in anyway?

i own braces and my ortho person said that drinking or intake to much sugars can wear teh braces away or sumin like that idk i wasnt paying attenintion.

but i drink soda anyways
no, but it is really sugary and since it's harder to brush your teeth ably with braces, it could front to cavaties...just be sure to brush frequently
I own not heard that soda hurts braces within any way.directly. However, the sugar within soda is not good for the teeth. The sugar that sits on the teeth will act in response with microbes to produce acids that can eventually attack the tooth enamel and produce cavities.
it doesn't affect ur braces, but it effects ur teeth, and if u drink to much and don't brush ur teeth, ur teeth will go and get stained, and get soft spots, and afterwards when u get ur braces sour u'll have next to little white squre on ur teeth and the rest will be yellow. So no it doesn't affet ur bracesm but dont drink to much soda
Nope, not at adjectives. It just runs right through them and so does every other gooey. Just DON'T chew gum with them if you didn't already know. Trust me, it's a aching!! Have a fantastic day! :o)

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