Aftet I turn to the dentist, my teeth other hurt alot and for resembling a week. What can I do to breed it run away?

Many people experience sensitivity and bleeding after a thorough dental cleaning. It's pretty normal, especially if you hold not been keeping up next to flossing. If you brush and floss every day and use a toothpaste for sensitivity, you will mind that next time won't hurt so much.
Get misery medicine. Or ask your Dentist.
You prbably enjoy sensitive teeth, Get tooth paste for that kinda piece, If it persists next I recomend you go and check your Dentist again. Another entry, Try not to eat tricky things that can also cause headache.
I'm not a Dentist but believe me, I feel your Pain.
Find a foreign dentist, sounds like yours sucks. I enjoy extremely sensitive teeth and after I leave the dentist is when they perceive the best.

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