Afraid of the dentist?

I suffer from depression and I only brush my teeth similar to once a week. Last time I went to the dentist (about a year ago) I have 9 cavities. I get them all jam-packed.

I know I have to stir to the dentist again but I'm scared. One of my molars have a visible cavity and nearby is a big hole on one of my front teeth. I think the enamal on one of my other molars is gone because it is rough when i touch it and not smooth similar to my other teeth. I'm so afraid of the dentist I dont know what to do

Oh no! You have to move about to the dentist. I know you are scared - nobody really like going to the dentist but he is there to lend a hand you not lose your teeth! If you let your apparent cavity (if visible to you, after it is very far along) run further, you will end up need a root canal and later pain that lead up to getting a root canal is extremely severe - it is worse than going to the dentist presently. You don't want to suffer that kind of cramp!!

How can you get assist so that you brush your teeth 2-3 times a day? If you don't lug care of your teeth and hygiene, you will probably cease up losing all your teeth eventually!
I can completely comprehend your situation. I had other hated the dentist and be actually panicky because of something I went through beside one at the age of 12. I never saw one again until recently. I terminated up having to own a root canal just about five weeks ago and I still have three cavity. I hadn't seen one surrounded by ten years. I'm 22 now.

I terminated up going because I starting having excruciating dull pain on one of my molars. The pain be immense, I have be stabbed, I have broken bones, this dull pain was beyond that. I feel like I be dying. I ended up going to the dentist as an emergency long-suffering and ended up getting a root strait. I ended up have a really bad infection and even after the root strait I was still contained by a lot of anguish after the procedure for about two days. The torment then wore rotten and I am perfectly fine. Just yesterday, I received my irredeemable crown.

Don't let this start to you, don't wait until the concluding minute or you'll have to walk through that. Another reason I never stepped foot surrounded by a dentists office be because I had no insurance and almost engineer no income. If you have the money, you should do it ASAP.

I remember walking contained by there a few weeks ago, I be literally shaking. The dentist ended up self so nice, he calmed me down and fixing the problem. I still don't enjoy dentist visit but I know I need things done so I suck it up and stir. I also realized dentists are extremely expensive.

I would really recommend trying to overcome this obsession, don't wait resembling me and end up going when you have a feeling like you're dying because of a tooth aching. Do not wait until the second minute. Go before any of that happen. Also, keep surrounded by mind your teeth are connected to a lot of nerves contained by your face. You could also lose your eyesight or other things.

I hope this information help.
well you should regularly brush and floss your teeth as filling can only replace the lost tooth stucture but proper cleanliness have to be maintained for maintain teeth in near good condition, if you can clearly find that there is a cavity contained by one of your tooth than you should get it occupied by the dentist as soon as possilble as the infection will keep on seep deeper and deeper , which may require root canal treatment which will cost you more not with the sole purpose in money but strength aswell and if you delay this stage than in attendance may be extraction required and you will loose one tooth. There is nothing to be worried something like as dentist is going to treat for your benefit .
Go even if you have to step to a dentist htat caters to chickens "yes they are out there and they usualy put you to sleep"You do not want to lose your teeth.

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