Are you supposed to use mouthwash back brushing your teeth ? Or, is it supposed to be the other instrument around?

I've always wondered this quiz, and the mouthwash directions never clearly give directions as to the charge in which individuals should do respectively. Thanks for the help.

Both. Using mouthwash beforehand brushing your teeth opens your gums and teeth surrounded by order to receive the toothpaste and win a better brushing. Using mouthwash after brushing rinses the mouth and refreshes your breath.
the other mode around =this way you find even toothpaste left astern
Afterwards =)
Brush and then use mouthwash. You're not supposed to get through or drink for half an hour after you use mouthwash.
here are specific kinds of mouthwash until that time and after brushing...:)
after brushing
unless it says pre-brush
I own one mouthwash that is pre-brush
but it will right to be heard it in a marked place, so don't worry around it

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