Are my experience teeth effecting my tongue? ?

OK - So, I'm certainly reaction my wisdom teeth grow within. They have be hurting for about 6 months very soon. Not sure if it is shifting my teeth at all, but on the departed side of my mouth - I ALWAYS bite my tongue. TThis has merely recently started scheduled. Whenever I wake up contained by the morning my tongue has sores on the side of it. Why is this? What can I do to prevent these sores? Are within any Meds to help them make well faster? help!!!

LET ME KNOW! I'm dyin here!

Have the cusps of your suitability teeth broken through the gum tissue at all? You said you touch them growing in, but you didn't articulate you can see them? If they are visible within your mouth then sure you can bite your tongue. It is impossible to having anything within there that far put a bet on and it doesn't know to get out of the method yet. You are making traumatic ulcer or canker sores form on your tongue. They can take several days to restore to health, but if you keep biting that nouns, they won't heal. Rinse beside warm brackish water...2 tsp of brackish to juice cup of very thaw water. Do this a few times a time and don't rinse it back stale after you finish. Get your wisdom teeth out. Why hold you been suffering for 6 months? You don't want them and most likely they won't come adjectives the way contained by. They are hard to hold on to clean and sound. You probably are a night grinder too. Your teeth clench and grind on respectively other, your tongue and cheeks can get lots of assault. Wearing a night guard appliance made a short time ago for you by your dentist will help protect the hugely strong forces on your teeth from grinding. This is very adjectives, its related to stress in our time and it doesn't go away. I myself grind and own been recommend night appliances for years. Get your experience teeth out!
Sure, your wisdom teeth are slowly moving your teeth. It may be that your mouth very soon just doesn't own room for your tongue to move as you normally hold. Talk to your dentist about have them removed.
The new teeth are probably pushing the rest out of their usual alignment. You could receive braces from the dentist to help them grow contained by straight - infact, I highly recommend that if you don't want to acquire them pulled. But you may still need to anyway...!
your probably biting your tongue coz there's an extra duo of teeth in your mouth. i work at the dentist and would recommend you to gain them removed, since they'll probably give you problems after that on in anycase.

and it's not that painfull. agree to me know if you would like some guidance on the extracion-area.
I agree with nancy s roughly the sores. Wisdom teeth DO NOT shift the other teeth, this is just an elderly wives tale. If they're bothering you merely have them taken out. Any over-the-counter numbing agent will work until the sores are heal (anbesol, etc).

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