What is the best cure for impossible breath? mouthwash or oramd?

what's the difference anyway i just want the best bleak breath cure. can anyone help me? i would really appreciate your theory. thanks for your time.

Appropiate dental support for a cleaning and fixing anything that is wrong. Alot of family have fruitless breath from dry mouth. Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash and gum (all biotene) work wonders for this.
Go to your dentist. It could be gingivitis that might be causing it or only just plain halitosis.
mouthwash! and gum.
mouthwash and lots of mints and gum, all time long!
brush ur teeth and use crest non alcohol mouth wash. it works, feel fresh, but most of all doesnt sting.

after meal, just chew devout strong gum.

orbit or stride will work.
I personally can recomend vodka or beer, I don`t know rum.
Make sure that you are keeping your teeth, gums and tongue clean next to regular brushing and flossing. See your dentist and make sure that you don't own gingivitis. If everything in your mouth is within proper condition and you still have bleak breath you may need to see a physician, odors can rise up from your stomach to produce bad breath.
neither, what you involve is a tongue scrapper, the tongue is what causes your breath to stink.
Garlic, it covers up adjectives other bad breath. It also give you more room.
it depends on what's the cause of your bleak breath... if you keep suitable dental hygiene and are still having problems.. it might be coming from your stomach.. believe or not.. if so... try intake fresh parsley... (NO JOKE.. IT REALLY WORKS)
To combat bad breath you must first know what cause bad breath. It starts up from discouraging cavity. Try using the very successful all fluent breath freshener, toothpaste, mouthwash - All in One! See this site http://www.oramd.com/bad-breath.htm... and conquer the freshest breath you desire!

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