Anyone know just about getting dental aid contained by Mexico?

I think I want to take dental care within Mexico because American Dentist refuse to pass me the care I really involve unless I purchase dental services that I do not need. Specifically, I involve a Deep Cleaning in adjectives four quadrants. Does anyone recommend a Mexican Dentist close to the San Diego, CA border?

I just watch a show about this on dateline or something. It say some of the best dentist in America are going at hand to do dental work.

They said it will cost about 1/4 of what it cost contained by the US and have adjectives the best machinery. They said the biggest difference was insurance costs.

I would do a google hunt on it. Find out who the dentist is, get some reference from them. Check them out. But it seemed approaching the places they were showing be not a hole in the wall they be state of the art.

Sorry ive never done it before, but after watching the show I probably would if I have major items needed to be done.
Wow, I'm not sure how apt they would be. The only suggestion I could net is use the site below and when your done with them abolish. They cost me $11.95 per month for saving me up to 80% on dental desires.

They wont make you stay beside them. You cancel when u want beside no quesitons asked.

Good luck to you.
Make sure you get recommendation before you want on a surgeon. The border isnt in my feelings the best place to be looking to save money as they tend to be the peak in Mexico.
I may be biased but psyche recommend looking a little further inland, and as iv'e said produce sure you do your homeowrk first. There are good and impossible dentists n Mexico as there are everywhere else.
Hope this help and good luck

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