"Deep cleaning" by a dental hygienist?

I have braces and go today 4 a checkup. They said I need to own a 'deep cleaning' done by their hygenist because I have a gum infection cuz of plaque. We talk to them about it and she said she'll own to numb me and work on my gums. Just how serious is this? I got worried when I hear the word 'numb' cuz I hate dental procedures. I bring back very afraid of headache, needles, and bleeding. What should I do and has anybody be through this and explain what they do? Also, they want to charge us a pretty hefty fee: nearly 300$

Sounds similar to gingivitis. They need to score your teeth under the gum rank. Yes, it can hurt, but think of the alternative. Have ya' see the people on COPS next to like three teeth contained by their head? They didn't seize the deep cleaning done when their dentist recommended it.
What are your gum measurements? They should test the height of the space from the top of your gum to the bone. If your measurements are above 4mm than you may own gum infection/ swelling or bone destruction. Do your gums bleed? are they swollen? Do you floss regularly? You have to floss even though it is a misery with braces. Gum disease moved out untreated can cause germs to draw from in your blood and lead to clots to go to your brain or heart which can put you at risk for heart attack or stroke. If your measurements are below 3 mm or worse they haven't measured at adjectives, consider another office!
How did you handel the braces procedure??
You gums wishes to be numb for the deep cleaning procedure. it will be painfull if it's done in need nummbing. It will be alright..you won't ffel a thing when you are numb. and you will love the results.
best of luck.
no aching should be involved and any infection should be treated 300 dollars is worth it you dont want it to get worse do you??
still going thru it. yes they numb you. done contained by quarters. long time beside mouth open. bring two advil b4 you go for affliction and inflamation. i had upper right done and am waiting for dentists organization to call for appointment for upper disappeared. money is about right. they billed my insurance for adjectives complete cleaning but i onlt have have 1/4 done. not painful during but subsequent day plan on drinking and soup. jaws will hurt from one open so long. worst cleaning contained by my life-but i hadn't gone to dentist in 5 or 6 years. Remember ADVIL.. tylenol will not do the things you will inevitability. numb you, if you feel anything tolerate them know.numb you again(whole side they are working on) ooohhh-ask for numbing lotion for b4 needle novacain. they nick instruments just approaching normal cleaning but they walk under gums and get hold of all the plaque bad. it's not too too bad. i be numb-mouth nose and member of my lower eye area for 2 hrs after. lift nap after appointment. you will not be going to work or anywhere.. best wishes and suitable luck. 3 days after you will love the feel of those cleaned teeth.
Wow, $300.00 dollars is profusely for that!! Check the site out below. They can really help you out!!

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