A couple question bout braces?

Im 12. Next week I have to attain impressions. what are those like? Will I get hold of spacers after?

Do they have to bestow numbing shots when you get the actual braces?

Is it best to bring colors or just the ones that are silver?

Will my boyfriend still kiss me?

Impressions are the molds they filch of your teeth.

It's a soft (flavored) cement they used in plates, they will do this until that time braces AND after your braces are removed as a way to document your results.

You usually achieve the spacers the same call round or the next after the impressions are done, becareful not to floss those teeth those after the spacers are surrounded by place.

Unfortunately, they dont give numbing shots, but run some ibuprofen and you should be fine.

I stuck to silver for bands and brackets, but respectively visit you can choose different colors if you want too.

And Yes, your boyfriend I am positive will still kiss you!!

Best of luck to you!
I Work at an Orthodontics Office and permit me tell you that impressions are nil to worry roughly speaking all they are is of late a jello like soft mass that will take the model of your teeth and adjectives you have to do is bite down on it no aching and only 30 second long. There is no needles do not worry their should be no needles thought your adjectives procedure unless you are getting Dental Implants which i doubt. I Believe that the best colours are silver because it blends in near the braces. And don't worry your boy friend will still love you and kiss you. :D

Samer Issawi
OK for one, braces where on earth I live are cool. Second, they dont have to shoot the braces onto you. They do hold to put some funky stuff on your teeth but their n is NOM pain during the process of getting braces. Third, yes you can evolution colors. And fourth if your boyfriend likes you satisfactory, he'll still kiss you. YOUR 12 and have a boyfriend, that's for a time young to hold a boyfriend!
the impressions kinda feel approaching they are gagging you, but arent too unpromising. you will probobly hafta get spacers after that. no, they dont bequeath you numbing shots, only if you grasp teeth pulled. i like the colored ones better, merely dont get green(it make you look like you hold spinich in your teeth) and as for you boyfriend, i dont know him so i cant answer that :)
pious luck!
it does not hurt when you get impressions, the do not own to give you a shot, but after they put the braces they will submission you Motrin or Tylenol, because you may be sore, but my child did not complain at all. one word of counsel though, use the wax they will give you, until your mouth get used to the braces

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