Anbody know a organic agency to assist receeding gums...?

start scrubbin flossin & brushing,,,,,,,use a couple sprays of clotrimiszole or lamisil on cotton thread instead of dental floss,sometimes bleached flours aggravate problem,,,,,gingivitis is tissue response to withdrawing from inflammation source,,,,,plaque at gumline,,,,,,see dentist 2x year for scraping,aint in the region of natural,,,theres no substitute for the obligatory effort to reverse what you've consent to go for a while
Yeah, brush your teeth twice a hours of daylight and after meals. Floss, See your dentist every 3 mo. and stop ingestion junk food. I feel it is a holistic approach.
Try a little Listerine too.
Brush your teeth when you stir up, before you step to bed, and after meals. Floss day after day (but if your gums are really sore and bleeding, maybe start next to every other day until they can manipulate it, then budge to every day.)

A dentist once recommended to my husband to rinse near hydrogen peroxide diluted in some sea. It won't burn like Lysterine.
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