Any girls suppose that guys are still attractive beside braces ??

i got braces *tear*

lately keep them verbs and you won't have a problem..

unfortuntaly i enjoy to get braces here pretty soon too

*tear tear*
Well, I'm not American, but I remember that when I be in middle college and high academy, both boys and girls who had braces still be able to get hold of a bf/gf. So, I'd say yes, it's not eally far-reaching.

Actually, I've just remembered that an ex-bf of mine at university have braces.
fix it
I don't know how old you are but polite grooming and great personality are other more important than braces. However teens can be cruel. So the girls that may not donate you the time of day right presently might kick theirselves within the butt later becuase braces don't concluding forever. So my answer would be yes guys are still attractive with braces. You are who you are duckling someday soon you will be a swan. LOL Keep your team leader up their loss if they are so superficial that they can't see past the braces.
me, boyfriend have braces and i still like him
Honestly, as long as guys save their braces clean, I won't even sense them.

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