Bridge cross-examine?

I just get my permanent bridge put surrounded by and it doesn't feel right. When i devour my teeth grind on the side the bridge was put contained by. Is this normal? Will i get hold of used to it? Or what should i do? I had to spend 3200.00 on this bridge work cuz my insurance doesn't cover it.

Wait for roughly speaking a year, if you still feel it let somebody know your dentist to fix it
u will get used to it
If you don't return with used to it in a few days turn back and bring it adjusted. The dentist and grind it down contained by spots to make it fit better if needed.
do what is right a suitable for you
sue that doctor LOL purely call them up notify them what the problem is and they MIGHT fix it for "free" YEAH RIGHT, doctors are scams, enjoy you ever seen John Q ?
You might want to check beside your dentist, give them a ring up. You may just enjoy some swelling. If the bridged tooth is lower than the other teeth around it, it may not have be properly fit. It should fit 'naturally' between the grooves of your other teeth, similar to when a crown is put on.

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