Bone Graft?

hi, i'm having a bone graft this month

(summary) bone taken from my jowl and put into my gum so i can have an slip in 5/6 months.

basically a few questions who know about these things:-

1) is a throbbing (recovery)
2) eating will i know how to eat straight away?
3) will anybody know how to tell that ive have bone take from my chin (my surgeon said not) and he's one of the best in the nouns, but i want to make sure.

would love to hear from anybody who's be through this or an expert in this corral, thanks.

My periodontist used cow bone for my graft. I never even knew they be there, and they be so small it would have be impossible for anyone to see them. She told me not to use a straw for 2 days, but I had no dietary restrictions. It's no big settlement.
This is nothing fresh. You will have some soreness. You may delineate your diet to soft foods for a few will be able to see what you can and cant devour. The surgeon should harvest the bone from inside the chin. Your doctor should give you post-op instructions after the procedure.

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