Bleeding tooth?

I just get teeth extraction. I got 4 teeth extraction. Two from the top and 2 from the bottom. However three alleviate and got better, but the bottom right hold on to on bleeding. I try to bite on the cotton ball to stop the blood, even put some cold rime pack on the face.

But it keep hold of on bleeding, and every hour i hav to spit out the full mouth of blood. Is there anyway to stop it bleeding or i call for to go fund to the dentist. I cant eat anything for 2 days because of the blood, a short time ago drank some water.

What should i do??

Do not purloin aspirin for pain. Do not bite to rock-hard on the cottin ball.Try not to get through food that you have to chew, Eating soup,pudding and the soft stuff. Do not smoke,suck on a strall. Do not drink alcohol of any munificent.
I think that after that amount of time it should enjoy stopped especially when the other ones have. I would phone the dentist and ask for his warning.

Theres nothing more you can do from home because the individual thing you can do is put pressure on which you enjoy done and its still going. I would def seek medical proposal for this.

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