A press just about sugar and decent teeth ?

if i ate chocolate and lollies on a daily reason for a period of over 6 years, ( brushing / flossing teeth morning and darkness )how much damage would that end in for my teeth ?

probably a little bit , but if you've also be visiting the dentist regularly after it shouldnt be too big a problem

you should also always rinse your mouth beside water after drinking stuff like that , it help clean the sugars out of your mouth until you brush them

it should be ok...a moment ago make sure you brush & floss religiously lol
Depends on the form of your teeth to start with, the teeth you be born with, how much fluoride is within the local water (if you drink it).
Some folks freshly have scrawny or soft teeth...
you should be ok..it shuldnt do any damage if so...possibly 1 cavity

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