Are you afraid of the dentist?

i use to be but i got over it

some things you jsut hold to bear

why are associates so afraid

when I was a child it be painful..and I be afraid...but that was years ago and it is lately an inconvenience now..albeit an expensive one. I'm 58.
i dunno

im anxious of clowns after i heard a REALLY terrifying story about one!!
Maybe coz on tv you see citizens like resembling that scared of big drills and spasm I used 2 be (key word: USED
i am not but i think it's a really graspable fear, we adjectives have them whether its flying or self in lift or enclosed spaces. it's fitting you got over it! my lone real foreboding is planes flying overhead, it really paralyses me with apprehension, i can't explain why, it's irrational.
i think going to the dentist can be enormously painful and involves injections and blood and adjectives of those things we hate!
I'm not terrified of the dentist bu tI am scared of hairdressers, mostly becuse I know 99% of the time they will do something hideous and charge me lb60 for it (I enjoy very short coat!)
If you are really scared later ask your dentist for Hypnoval it costs about lb50 but you won't know, or remember, a item

not anymore,i got this considerate with dentist,if he hurts me,after i'm gonna get up out the stool and hurt you know what,i never have problems.
they're probably afraid of the bill if they don't hold insurance. That's my main panic about going.
not really jus freaked out around wat they're doing in my mouth. i used to be though. once when i be getting a cavity filled i almost hyperventilated out of fright.
Oh, my friend, I frenzy just near the thought of having to run to the dentist... and it's the second root canal that I enjoy to get treated surrounded by the period of 1 year!
am not really alarmed of the dentist as per se, its more like the anticipation of the helpful of pain one is roughly speaking to experience expecially if it involved tooth extraction, drilling and all those stuff. but as everyone have said, after the first onslaught of pain(which happen to be quick by the way), everything else seem to be less upsetting.
I've always be afraid of the dentist since I was a kid. It's because I have a couple of really nasty experiences fund then where on earth I had filling done but the anaesthetic just didn't work, so it hurt similar to hell, so any time I have to budge to the dentist it gives me the shakes.

I suppose it's resembling a phobia really, but like you utter, you just enjoy to get on beside it, and I do find that easier now I'm a bit elder. The fact that I've have some relatively painless work done since those bad experiences also help. The smell and noises of the place set me on boundary though.
I've been worried of the dentist ever since I was three and fell breaking out a pie shape within my two front teeth. Since I was so infantile, the dentist opted not to do anything itially since I would lose those teeth. However, one of them turned black and it have to be pulled. It hurt. Another time, at around age 8, I was have a filling done and it hurt and startled me and I jump. The drill slipped cutting my facade. The dentist chastized me. But I couldn't help it. I jump. I'd rather enjoy my face cut that my teeth drilled on!

I didn't mind the orthadontist though.

However, the result of my dental the creeps into adulthood is that I hold a mouth full of rotting teeth and eating is no longer a pleasant entity.
im afraid but i went today found out i necessitate a few fillings and i give the impression of being okay now ,next to me it was not knowing what be gonna happen or if she be gonna pull adjectives my teeth out .
I'm terrified of them. Always own been. have braces in my teens, own had unpromising dentists (one tried to extract a tooth WITHOUT anaesthetic). I've even worked as a Dental Nurse to try and cure my phobia. Didn't work.

wow, just spell checked and I've spelled anaesthetic right!!
i am afraid of the dentist hold been since i go for my first check up at the age of 18mths (now 24)

even more scared presently as whenever i need any treatment done they hold to give me 3 injections of the anaesthetic as 1 is not adequate and 2 i can still feel every entity
im not afraid am use 2 goin to da dentist...maybe ppl are panicky bcuz dey never been 2 da dentist b4
I completely know what you be a sign of. I used to be afraid of bad smells (no lie), but I have a good discussion to with me and my trunk and we came to the conclusion to frontage all bleak smells with my trunk held up high and proudly. :)
really terrified
Its the two head that does it.
Hey, what a coincidence. I ask that question too. And NO. I am not and never be afraid of the dentist.
i hated to run, but then get tooth ache and loathed that more. so going did'nt seem so unpromising if he could get rid of the anguish.
No, I'm not. I have to travel to the dentist quite recurrently since I was a child beacuse of several problems and so I soon get used to the idea. The reality that I get on all right with him help me (and himself) a lot. Maybe populace is so afraid of going there because of the anguish they think they'll have a feeling...
i love the dentist! he makes my teeth nice and verbs and shiney! and i am always going to seize my teeth poilshed and shined! :)

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