Best flavored chewing tobacco?

At the moment i dip skoal apple which is good but im looking for something unknown. Ive already been through Cope Long cut its ok but i close to the flavored. Any suggestions?

luv grizzly mint
Juicy Fruit
UK miners chewed a tobacco called
Pigs Tail,but perchance you would find this a bit to strong.
ask this guy
You came to the wrong place to ask this cross-examine. Quit dipping is the best flavor. Dipping is going to cause you several problems when it come to dental hygiene. They make replacement dip, it's call Mint Snuff. It's made entirely of mint to help you stop dipping. You should consider quitting to better your mouth. We own patients coming in weekly have to get biopsy's due to extensive tobacco use. Here's the Mint Snuff site:

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