Braces and Nightmares?

For some reason, when I started to wear braces, I started to get hold of nightmares about my teeth falling out and such. I be wondering if anybody else had any unexpected nightmares about their teeth, after have braces??

Unfortunately I never had wore any braces. On the other paw I did had friends who have braces. But I can't recall any of them have nightmares-sorry. Though they where a bit embarrassed by them, at lowest they got used to them- hope you can too.
read this article, because I've have the dream where I look contained by the mirror and my front tooth was gone and next I woke up...But it's a common dream and this will explain to you what those dreams mean.
LOL, I've have dreams that my teeth turned in to threads of dental floss and be dangling. I was unnerved they would fall out.
Yes. I have this dream also. Not to worry yourself it be just a nightmare may be motive you was thinking almost it to long and you started to dream about it when you go to sleep that's all.
I have a similar dream about my teeth basically falling out of my mouth. I've had my braces for give or take a few 2 months now.
I have the same entity for a while too, still get it sometimes.

I guess it comes from a bit of self confidence doubt, just about how you will look during the treatment with them on, the closing stages result, any problems that may arise etc.

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