im really scared of have braces :(
my sister said i might have a helmet on my manager like within the movies
my teeth are extremely crooked because the dentists when i was childish took a lot of my kid teeth WAY TOO EARLY
i hate the dentist :(
im vastly scared of have braces
in your assessment, or your experience was it tough have metal in your mouth for 2 years?
and my sister said i might hold mine for 5 years
im so sad when it comes to braces :(
i might procure mine in a month
please give a hand me ease this torment :(

I had them for 2 years. It take a bit to get used to, and at first your mouth will draw from cut up a bit. They give you wax to put on the braces to assist prevent it, but it's better to just agree to it cut ya a bit and then restore to health. After that you shouldn't have any problems. Mine simply hurt right after I would get the cable tightened. No horrible pain, but achy. It be all worth it though. My bottom teeth be really crooked and now they're adjectives perfectly straight. Nothing to be anxious about. Just remember to do what the orthodontist tell ya and take comfort of them. It will be over before you know it.
i have braces twice. (6 years total)
-a head gear
-an expander
-4 retainers
and much more

DOES NOT find any WORSE than that

it only hurts for close to a week. then you forget you enjoy them.

1 word: ADVIL

i see you have matching haircut as me
OK u should really stop listen to your sister she is just clich¨¦ that to scare you
but you shouldn't be afraid you should assume about the results , you would hold great straight teeth, i no this cuz i had braces for 2 yr and in a minute i wear clear retainers ,so dont freak out
its gonna hurt like a *blank*, but eventually youll return with used to it, and in the fall (when you get them off) is worth it
hey ive have braces and thankfully i took thm sour a month ago :P,..braces are definetly nto scary, dusnt evn hurt whn they put them on!,..if u draw from head gear after u may only hav to wear it at darkness,..i hav frends tht hav had ot wear boss gear and the only wear it at hours of darkness [sum of thm r supposed to wear it all the time but they dont :P,..], u hav nothin to verbs about,..ur sis like scaring u huh?,..
Ive have braces for 3 months now...


Hmm.. hurts at first, next doesn't anymore.

when it does hurt, it's not excruciating, you can still function fine.

You won't get headgear, don't verbs...

And your sister sounds like a *****. lol.
The 'helmet' is call headger, and even if you did get it, you'll solitary need to wear it while at home, or even newly when sleeping. The use of it is being smaller amount and less now because of the use of elastics. They can get in the neighbourhood enough indistinguishable result, but then every overnight case is different.

Try not too worry, they aren't that bleak once you are used to them.

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