Best Toothpaste?

My boyfriend and I have be going out for a while now, and I am pretty sure that the subsequent time we have a date (this Thursday) that he is going to kiss me. I want my breath to smell really moral, because there is nought worse than nasty breath to kiss! So what is the mint toothpaste that you recomend that will still smell obedient ater 4 hours?

No toothpaste is going to last that long! You can try using mouthwash after brushing your teeth. That will comfort to kill the germs contained by your mouth. Also, if you want fresh minty breath, bring along some mints.
the original brand of crest, mint.
Some friends did an experement, and crest won against colgate and some other toothpastes.
Dont run for Toms natural, because the flavor of mint go away in similar to 30 mins.
auqua fresh ultimmite white not only does it start out your mouth fresh and clean but it also whitens them at duplicate time
I like Crest flavors similar to mint.
Have some mints on standby.
Crest mint would be good but u could try mouth swab after or even a few mints or gum right befor the date so ull be really fresh...hope i helped tootles!

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