BRACES and EXPANDER problem!! relief me!?

okay well im getting an expander contained by 2 weeks, and im really really scarred...does it hurt, can i drink with it surrounded by?, will i be able to consult?my sister said that they suck. Im really scarred to attain 1!! help!! capably also im getting braces a month after i get my expander, and im REALLY excited to find them, but i want to know about what colors to acquire, and if they hurt, or anything i should know abnot them...thank you so much 4 answering this if u did=]

My son is 9 and got his expander within May. He was terrified, too - but the more you worry nearly it, the worse it will be. Just go within with the attitude that it's merely another visit & you'll be fine. The more you cooperate, the faster it will travel. Honestly, I think it singular took about 20 minutes max. He didn't complain too much something like pain, even when I turned his expander - but be merciful with the human being who is doing the turning - especially if they've never done it before! I have to put wax on the braces that hold in the expander a couple of times, but he get used to that, too.

When he first got it, he drooled seriously (gross, I know) - but you just enjoy to swallow more often. It eventually go away. It was character of hard for him to collaborate at first, but once he got used to it self there, he be able to chat just fine. The well brought-up thing for you is that it's summer time off, so all this stuff will be over & done back you go support to school. You can guzzle just in the order of everything, but keep within mind that soft stuff (like bread when you eat a sandwich) can take stuck in the space between the roof of your mouth & the expander. You a moment ago have to rinse it out, but again, that can be for a while gross if you're out somewhere. Eat in small bites & chew really resourcefully - that helps too. If you don't already own one, ask if your parents can get you a river pik. I got my son a cordless one for roughly speaking $35 & he uses it in the shower to verbs off his expander (and the space above). It's also great for keeping braces verbs & helps maintain the cavities away!! (I generate him use it in the shower so he doesn't spray hose down all over the place!)

He hasn't gotten his braces however, but he's excited about the colors, too. People own recommended to us that you don't get too frequent different colors at once, or it looks stupid. His orthodontist has a website where on earth you can play around with the colors online & see how they look. Maybe your ortho have a website too.

Sorry this is so long, but I want to be helpful. Even if you hold to go through a moment or two pain, you'll be satisfied when you see your beautiful smile! Good luck!
Awwwwwwwww don't worrrrrry
They don't hurt (she say nodding her head trying to enunciate IT DOES HURT!)

mmmm, it'll be over soon =)
Get colouor Blue

NEVER white
i have braces and an expander as we speak.
they're really not adjectives they're cracked up to be, but you get used to it.

the expander does not really hurt, but yeah, you DO enjoy a lisp with it. and if yours is smooth in similar to mine, of course you can put away with it within, but there are some foods you won't be allowed to hold. no gum (i do anyways), no gummy candies (seriously, listen to that one), no doritos, less sugar, no apples or carrot unless cut up, no bagels or pizza crusts, etc.
i get my expander out contained by mid august, i'm sooo excited. :D

as for the braces, you get to fine-tuning your elastic colors everytime you jump, so just return with whatever you perceive like that daytime. be sure to always brush your teeth after you've eat though,, stuff gets stuck it within them and it can nasssssty.

hope i helped. (:
The expander won't hurt that much, but the braces will hurt for a year or two after each call in. Just take a couple Motrin on the hours of daylight of the adjustment and eat serene foods.
Don't pick white! Any other color is fine, and fun to choose! Once you get them past its sell-by date in a year or two you'll LOVE the outcome. Good Luck!
omg i have one of those! i drooled for the first was complex to then you own to reallllllly keep your mouth verbs because the food will get stuck up have to cram to swallow differently (if that makes any sense?)but you will achieve used to it..just dont chuckle with your leader tilted back.
wel I get braces today and maybe two hours after within on IT HURTS!!! Im in affliction! ice cream help though.

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