About gargle near baking soda?

hello guys, im suffering from bad breath and i read here and in that that it can stop bad breath. can anybody tolerate me know if it is safe and dutiful to gargle with baking soda or not? ane answer is welcome

It is fine to gargle and brush your teeth with it also, sort sure you scrub your tongue. Just don't swallow it, also you could try gargling next to peroxide or Listerine. Both kills germs but would be disadvantageous if swallowed, so be safe next to it. If the bad breath persist, you might want to see a dentist, as it might be a case of halitosis, or extremely discouraging breath or some other bacteria that requirements antibiotic treatment. All the best.
i wouldnt reccomend gargling beside baking soda, i think you should brush your teeth, and after swish with some literine, and if that dosnt work you may own a problem with your tonsils, so you should see a doctor if it dosnt clear up.

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