Is ingestion honey unpromising for your teeth?

Yes it is
No, not if you brush them regularly

In fact, honey is virtuous for you internally well as externally.
Put honey on cuts & wounds to assistance them heal quicker
idk because I love honey.
I sure hope not.
if you dont brush your teeth... next yes.
Of course it is, it's basically sugar!
Yes especially if you hold braces or another tipe of dental equipment so make sure you brush your teeth right after you put away it.
It is sugar!! Sugar builds and makes cavity!!
No if the Honey is naturel , not harmful for the teeth.
But you know in a minute every producter is mixing sucker with him.
So if you are not sure %100 .
You hold to use brush after eating Honey.
Yes it is.
I used to own honey on my breakfast cereal every morning and i noticed black grades on my teeth. I went to the dentist and he said it is worse than sugar, and I should verbs my teeth within 5 minuets of consumption honey

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