A Toothache With No Other Symptoms of an infection HELP!?

i have a toothache nearby is no pus or a blister it feels commonplace except the gum hurts whe i press it and its just get a BIT swollen but it makes my other teeth hurt is this and infection or an abscess?

Infection and abscess are simply the same point. It sounds like you hold an infected tooth. The abscess occurs when the pus finds an outlet where on earth it makes a fistula/hole within the gums where it can drain. This is why the gums are setting up to swell and are sore b/c it is trying to find a place to come out.
you could have an infection contained by your gums or your tooth could be aces.Try Gargling beside warm brackish water for a few minutes and put some orajel on it for the affliction.If the pain does not run away you may need to see your dentist so they can check it out and you may involve an antibiotic.

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