To nation who have braces?

How many of you have teeth that came out 100% unblemished?

Just about, my teeth are terrifically straight and I have no gap. Before braces, I had some teeth growing astern others and a huge Bugs Bunny gap contained by the front.
not me
Nope. And my teeth shifted almost immediately after taking them rotten. I need to any get braces again, or do the Invisalign point.
Definitely not mine.

I believe my orthodontist went to the Piddle and Dink School of Orthodontia.
That would be a severely subjective evaluation, but I had braces as a teen and I feel mine came out extremely straight. I suppose you could even say that I thought it be worth it.
well mine come out perfect, but immediately one tooth is starting to move a little and i havent even have em off for a year. :(
Nope. And my teeth also shifted rear after I got my braces stale, even though I wore the retainer they gave me.
I have braces for 28 months and My teeth came out pretty economically. The only article is wearing the retainer. You will have to receive it readjusted and and upgraded to ensure that your teeth stay straight.
Mine weren't perfect when I get them off and immediately they are becoming crooked again despite using the retainer. Overall it was worth it though because my teeth be pretty bad and they are alot better even immediately than they were. Someday I want to find those invisalign things to fix my teeth and hopefully they will stay straight.
My teeth shifted after using the retainer as prescribed.
They do look better than before the braces though.
Me. My teeth are almost reliable. I don't think anyone's teeth are 100% superlative, but pretty close. :)
nope, they moved a little.
mine kinda did.
they enjoy stayed straight.
and i have worn the retainers
so ya
hope yours come out polite :)

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