Anyone know of a Free Oral Surgery program?

I'm in Texas and need 2 teeth cut out as soon as possible because they are infected & so very, very painful.
I have tried all local programs, my state's 211 hotline, the research program in Austin, Donated Dental Services, United Way, Salvation Army, the dental credit card, and dental colleges.
As impossible as it sounds, I cannot be numbed. This would have to be complete sedation, not just an office thing.
It will be extensive & expensive and most insurance companies run screaming away from me, so, please, no insurance people trying to sell their plans here.

Does anyone know of any kind of Oral Surgeons Group, like an Association or something, that provides free help like this?

It's possible that I might have Trigemial Neuralgia as well, since my face spasms painfully, but it won't be diagnosed as such until these teeth are removed. I'm also periodically losing my vison temporarily, supposedly due to the infection which won't clear up even with repeated treatment.

If there is a university hospital or clinic in your town, just walk in to Emergency. If your problem is really that bad and urgent, they HAVE to help you.

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