Aloe vera is fitting for form how can we use it oraly what are it's benifits?

Orally-wash-cut to small pieces and put in mixer to cause juice.It is prearranged to cure colon cancer.

Skin Healer: Aloe Vera. Chronic skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, and acne; sunburn, minor burns, and minor wounds

How much, how often: For skin disorders, apply a small amount of gel to the wound or skin complaint three times a hours of daylight. The gel should be applied until the wound or condition has heal.

How long: Applied externally, aloe can be used as long as needed.

No drug inter-action is known Only purchase pure aloe vera gel, or use gel fresh from an aloe plant. Simply break bad a stalk-like leaf, split it within half, graze off the gel, and apply.

The expert say: I find that aloe heals the skin surfaces that it touches.
Ask a doc.
aloevera is the best herb for cannot use it in words as long as u dont have to applying aloevera on the skin for a week your skin will shine resembling a star.apply the sticky substance to the elbows and wrists

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