Am I fat/chubby/to scrawny or lately right?

I am 13 years old. I and 4 foot 11, I play soccer but I havent within a month b.c r season ended. I swim and shindig a lot 4 fun. My diet includes oatmeal, apple jacks, noodles, vienna sauages, mexican, corn bread, jr bacon cheesburgers from wendys beside no tomatoe, and a 6 oz frosty. I weigh 115 pounds, and i am on the computer a lot but i ride my bike 3-4 days a week.

also can you convey me a link 2 a BMI caculator?

Please and thank you

resourcefully i am the same age and i am 5 foot 2" and i weigh 107. So i ruminate you are just right. to be precise good you play soccor, i basically had a soccor team game today. it is good that you ride your bike and you appear to be on a good diet. Just preserve it up! But i am pretty sure you are'nt over weight. You come across jsut perfect.
I'm almost equal height and I weigh 80 pounds. It differs from human being to person.
i weigh like peas in a pod but im 5'5" but you seem model
they have a BMI calculator here
Vienna sausages are worse for you than Hello Kitty with Noodle! Rest of stuff is alright in shape though. Give you proteins and fibers for healthy girl! You no requirement worry in the region of weight at your age. Eat food! Be optimistic girl! If you not eat ample food now and try diet and lose substance, then know what take place? You boobies no get big as they should! Yes you will regret next if you diet at your age.

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