My friend requests to diet but she's really skinny...?

ok so my friend wants to move about on a diet but shes 13 years old, something like 5'2" and around 102 pounds, and she think's she's fat. i keep hold of trying to convince her that she's REALLY SKINNY but she won't listen. any advice?

Smack some sense into her, Christ.
That is too childlike to be going on a severe diet, she is still growing. It sounds like she might be already anorexic, and I would suggest you suggest she aim a professional diagnosis to make sure she doesn't seriously reduce to rubble herself.
urge her parents to get her professional aid!
force feed her :) Seriously though, you should probably have a word to a guidance counselor or a trusted adult friend, or her parents (if she have a good relationship beside them). I don't understand why women want to resemble bony little twigs these days. If you really want to alarm her, you should probably show her the stories of the models who starved themselves to death.
Best of luck beside your friend. I may sound glib, but her situation is really serious. Try to procure her help as soon as possible. She'll thank you then (I hope).
I have a friend resembling this to and you should try to tell an developed although a teen will listen to a friend before a parent. Be a friend enjoy a sleep over and have a girl natter. Tell her how as a teen your about to grow you'll gain for a moment and grow in various ways . But to me it sounds as if shes not heavy and is turning anerexic. This isn't the right rought to clutch tell her, explain that becomeing to skiny can prevent you from have kids. And it can land girls surrounded by hospitals and by doing that she's not only hurting herself shes hurting her familial and friends.
And if you think shes not listen, tell someone else. Or explain to her you din't want to loose a friend and you want her to be strong and robust and your friend forever.

And tell her she can join up an athletic group to get fit loose for a while but stay healthy.

urge her to put away more by inviting her to your house, putting a bunch of her absolute favorite foods surrounded by front of her, lock all of the doors and articulate "i'm not lettig you leave until you drink sumthing" and then give an account her that if she goes on this diet shes gunna be skinnyer than a twig or that shes going to finale up looking like mary-kate olsen when you be able to see her spine. No one wishes that to happen. i'm not maxim it will work but it might. : )

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