Which is more expensive counterbalance watchers or jenny craig? also, any recommendation for which one is better?

Answers:    Jenny Craig is more expensive.

Now that WW has a "monthly pass" program, it have become a lot more affordable - $40 a month for unlimited meeting and access to their online tools (which are, in my view, fantastic). You also can follow WW online for even less money - WW Online is something close to $20/month.

You do NOT need to spend money to follow an significant weight loss program, however. I habitually recommend SparkPeople.com and FitDay.com to people, because they are excellent tools and they are both really free.

They both allow you to track the calories/nutrients you eat and the exercise you do - and when push comes to shove, making sure that you are not taking surrounded by too many calories is really the all-purpose key to counterbalance loss that all programs, Jenny Craig & Weight Watchers included, are base on.
Jenny Craig is more expensive because you have to buy adjectives of her products to stay on the diet. Weight Watchers is the plan that I prefer and have used to lose counterweight. With the WW diet you can just progress to the grocery store and pick out regular foods that you use on the plan. When you join they will tender you recipes and menus to step by and you can also find the recipes on the internet. It is a exceptionally good diet plan and you will lose solidity without reaction deprived.

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